About Dadlifts

What is Dadlifts?

Dadlifts is a resource for the average person who wants to build muscle and lose fat: if you too want to get stronger and be leaner, I’m on your wavelength. 

I’m a regular guy. I’ve got a hectic job, a young family and very little time to spare. 

I like getting shit done with as much impact and little input as possible. Working smarter, not harder, if you will. 

Am I afraid of hard work? Hell no. I’m all about compound lifts and bodyweight exercises. I bust my ass and have made more than a few sprints to the bathroom following a drop set of ass-to-grass squats. 

I just don’t believe that you need to spend hours in the gym to make progress. Just like I don’t believe that you need to spend hours preparing endless bland meals for the week in order to meet your diet goals. 

Why does Dadlifts exist?

Simply because there’s too much bullshit training and nutrition advice when it comes to natural bodybuilding. 

I wanted to create a place that cuts through all of that. I read a lot: I’ve experimented a lot; most of the training and diet information available online isn’t for the likes of you or me. 

Most magazines and websites show routines from pro bodybuilders. 

But what works for a pro bodybuilder or fitness model (yep, those people too) will have a limited impact for you. 

The pros are the elite: they can train harder, recover faster, grow quicker and gain less fat when bulking and lose less muscle when cutting than you can. 

If you aren’t chemically enhanced or genetically gifted, this site’s for you. 

Who is behind Dadlifts?

Nobody of significance when it comes to the fitness and nutrition world. I’ve got no formal qualifications or certificates in this area of expertise. As I said, I’m just a guy who lifts, eats (relatively) well, and tries to do his best in finding what works for him. 

So if all this information is already available and you don’t have any health or nutritional qualifications, what’s the point of Dadlifts?

Different things work for different people. I’m just here to tell you what I’ve tried and what has and hasn’t worked for me. I’ve trodden the same path as many other aspiring bodybuilders and so I hope I can provide some guidance as to the options available if you find yourself “spinning your wheels” when it comes to building muscle or losing fat. 

If it’s legit information, I’ll always link to the source. 

What’s your view on steroid and PED usage?

I don’t use anything stronger than creatine. I don’t have any plans to. I’m not against PED use but it’s not for me. 


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